Who We Are


Dr. Dave Matthews

I am a habitat ecologist and I studied at University of New Hampshire (B.S.,1998), University of Arizona (M.S., 2001), and Columbia University (Ph.D., 2009). Recently, I have also completed a post-doctoral degree at Utah State University where I met my colleagues Dr. Andrews and Dr. Kelly who helped me in starting this endeavor. My research studies are mostly on how human beings are affecting the population of wildlife and their habitats. I am also an active participant in studies about new species which are not yet being studied by other scientists. I have a blog entitled “Exploring the Wildlife”, and you can also follow me on Twitter.

Dr. Ben Andrews

I am a reptilian biologist and I received my Ph.D. degree from Columbia University. My focus is on the ecology, diversity, and the conservation of reptiles. My research study incorporates the behavioral, ecological, molecular, and bioacoustic data that uncovers the reptilian biodiversity. By doing so, people will be able to understand the drivers and be informed about the steps needed to promote the conservation of these animals. I have an interest in the differences of their behavior relating it to their vulnerability to diseases and other modifications that affect species extinction

Dr. John Kelly

I am a scientist working at Columbia university where I also finished and received my degrees. I am currently working on the genetic control of snakes and lizards. I am also conducting scientific experiment to determine the physiology, behavior, and ecology of reptiles. This profession has provided me with a greater understanding about reptile conservation and what we really need to do in order to provide them with a safe ecosystem structure. Together with Dr. Matthews and Dr. Andrews, we decided to create this blog in order to provide the people education by showing to them our studies. You can visit my blog entitled “The Reptile Solutions”, and you can also follow me on Twitter.