Our Mission

We are a group of naturalists, blogging graduate students, and professionals who believe that reptiles and amphibians known as “herps” are one of the most important creatures in the world. Our mission is to use social media in order to promote information about reptiles and amphibians and their natural history in order to reach a wider audience. We believe that social media has become an essential educational tool in order to conduct an effective scientific outreach. Despite that the general public are considering “herps” as cryptic, and sometimes overlooking their importance, most of the “herps” are in large numbers within the ecosystems that they are inhabiting. There are “herps” which belong to the top predators, and these in return give a great role to their respective habitats. An awareness of the intrinsic and ecological values that these “herps” provide is very important.

Every year, we hold many social media events that provide interest to the public regarding reptiles and amphibians. We created this website to show and promote these social media events. Please click here to see our topics with links related to those events. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter in order to receive notifications.