Can Dogs and Lizards Coexist?

Dogs and Lizards Coexist

It is quite a rare case when you see dogs and reptiles are getting along with each other. Since some animals aren’t just comfortable or the other one poses a threat to the other when living under the same roof. Thus, if you’re a lizard enthusiast and a dog lover, you need to understand best protection dogs to make them co-exist or safe from one another.
Body Language and Signs to Watch For
Depending on their level of sensitivity and curiosity, dogs may show different kinds of body language when new …

What Foods Should You Feed Your Reptiles?

Feed Your Reptiles

Reptiles are a fantastic yet diverse group of animals that are cute and super fun to care for. They have a vast range of food requirements that must be incorporated into their diet. According to, No one diet fits all reptiles; for instance, tortoises are vegetarians while boa snakes are carnivorously exclusive. Despite different types of reptiles having different dietary needs, this guide is inclusive of all diets for each reptile.
Since we all have different …

Water Requirement for Reptiles

Water Requirement for Reptiles

Water, without doubt, is a necessity for survival. Without it, any living thing would eventually fall weak and die. As mentioned in, reptiles are also dependent on water. About 2/3 of their body weight is composed of water which primarily aids in the normal function of their organs, cells, and other physical attributes like shedding.
Apart from a reptile’s internal and external functionality, providing them with an ample amount of water also positively affects their behavioral aspect. …

Step-by-Step Guide on Building a Snake Fence

Building a Snake Fence

Some regions are prone to snakes which could be extremely dangerous. Therefore, it is upon you to take measures to keep snakes out of your home. Dog fences could help, but if it is raised, it can’t prevent a snake from slithering under it. Alternatively, buying a snake mesh could be expensive. So, how do you keep snakes at bay? The answer is by constructing a snake fence.
Before we discuss the procedure, let us consider what makes a good snake fence:

It should be impossible to climb; thus it should slope …

Lizards: A Green Form of Pest Control?

Green Form of Pest Control

Lizards eat insects and are now being considered as a form of pest control like best ultrasonic pest repellerby some people. Meanwhile, there are others who still consider them to be only pests.
The Lizard Infestation
Lizards enter houses very easily. If you leave a window open during summer or spring, or if your windows don’t have screens, they are very likely to crawl into your house. Unlike mice who are unable to climb on vertical surfaces, lizards can climb on just about any …

Using a Reptile Aquarium for Fish

Reptile Aquarium for Fish

Fish tank management is important for anyone who owns a best fish tank filters for pet fish. After all, manufacturers and suppliers of fish and reptile structures group them under one category where they sell them as aquariums or as terrariums.
This makes it relatively easy for a fish keeper to convert a reptile cage into a fish aquarium. Nevertheless, the process of conversion should be perfectly done since slight mistakes can be disastrous. For example, if not properly sealed, all fish in the …

3mm Permanent Reptile Fence for Reptile Exclusion

3mm Permanent Reptile Fence

When you want a barrier that can be used to contain, exclude or redirect reptiles from specific areas such as road crossing, farms or even construction sites, then you may want to build a reptile fence. Unlike dog fence or farm fences, reptile fences are made meticulously to keep out unwanted reptiles.
Reptile fencing can be called in various terms depending on which reptile you are trying to keep out. Adder fencing, snake fencing, lizard fencing, and slow worm fencing are some of the terms to mention.
There are a lot …

CBD Oil Guide: Using CBD for Reptiles

CBD Oil Guide

CBD oil is known to bring several benefits to humans. What people don’t know is that it is also beneficial to reptiles. Therefore, if you have a pet turtle, iguana, chameleon, or other reptiles, you might want to find out how CBD oil can be good for your cold-blooded pets. After that you may find yourself looking for CBD near your city over Google.
What is CBD?
Many different types of compounds can be extracted from cannabis. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of them. It brings several health …

Steps to Make a Tree Branch for Your Reptile

Tree Branch for Your Reptile

Do you fancy having a reptile as your pet? If you do, or if you already have one, you would know that it is like having a cat trees for large cats. You will learn how important it is for them to feel that they are still in the wild.
Reptiles are already considered domestic pets nowadays, most especially to exotic pet keepers.
However, they are not suitable to be kept inside a tank or in a box with fluffy pillows. Therefore, you want to give them their suitable habitat just like you would …

Pet Care Basics You Need to Learn as a Pet Parent

Pet Care Basics

Being a pet parent can be quite challenging. It involves regular, daily activities to make sure that your pet stays healthy and happy. Here are a number of pet care tips to keeping your dog safe in your backyard. Keep reading if you want to get started on the basic things which you need to become a responsible pet parent.
Going to the Vet
Having regular trips to the veterinarian is important to establish and maintain good pet health. Since the most common pets definitely have …