What Foods Do Reptiles Eat?

Foods Do Reptiles Eat

This season, many among us all around the world are searching for new ways to spend time. If you are one of those, you can read more here. Some had tried taking care of plants, others cooking and blogging but for some, they found leisure in taking different reptile specie as pets. Now you may find it a bit peculiar for some reason, but many people find some reptiles surprisingly cute and fun to take care of. Of course, it is important to make thorough research as to what specie is the best for your home environment.

Also take into careful consideration the type of food, your future, or your current pet eats as it is not the same as buying your common dog food. Here are some of the foods reptiles eat.

For Snakes

Most reptiles are carnivores, snakes belong to most of these types. They rarely eat fruits or vegetables and focuses more on meat or insects.

Rodents or Rats

Baby Birds

Insects of all shapes or sizes

Raw chicken meat

For ball pythons and corn snakes, the best food you can give at its early stages is raw meat. Some snakes, however, refuse to eat their food unless they are moving like mice or chicks. A little usable tip when you have a pet snake, it is less expensive if you raise your rodents.

For Lizards

What lizards eat depends on their specie type, some lizards are herbivorous while most of them are omnivorous. But insectivorous lizards might be one of the better choices when keeping it as a pet as it eats those pesky flies and beetles.


Fruits and vegetables

Depending on the size of the lizard, it can also devour large prey like chicks or rats.

Worms, Spiders, Beetles, Flies, Crickets, and other insects.

For omnivorous lizards, you can feed them small animals like baby mice or smaller lizards.

Leopard geckos, anoles, and long-tailed skinks are the most common types of lizards who are insectivorous or those that eat insects. Another common kind of vegetarian pet lizard is Iguanas while the blue-tongued skinks and bearded dragons are branded as omnivores.

For Turtles and Tortoises

This certain type of specie focuses more on being herbivores.

Lettuce and other green leafy vegetables.

Fruits like apples, melons, or mangoes.


Some tortoises also eat small fishes and insects.

You can also try an alternative way of feeding them like supplements or pellets to augment their meals. Although most of the turtles and tortoises prefer food that cannot run away as they are slow-moving animals. A most common type of pet turtle is the herbivorous Russian turtle and red-eared slider who are omnivorous.

Although a proper meal or diet plan is good for your pets, to avoid nutritional deficiencies, a different type of supplements is recommended for each specie. For example, pellets augment the diet of herbivores and omnivores mixed with fresh foods, it can truly be satisfying for your pet as it will grow much healthier. Aside from ensuring that the food your pet gets won’t ruin its digestive system, also do a lot of research such as how to verify if the foods you give are safe for their species.

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