Fun Facts about CBD Oil Application in Reptiles

CBD Oil Application in Reptiles

During the Miss Universe Pageant in 2018, one of the candidates was asked about her view on the legalization of marijuana . The audience was awed by her answer as she confidently stated that she is in favor of using it for dog treats here and for medical purposes.

CBD oil is directly linked to marijuana as it is derived from it. Various studies and research showed that CBD oil can relieve pain without the high effect.

Some countries legalized its medical uses but some don’t. For those countries where CBD oil is legal, humans benefit from its help in medication. However, the medicinal help of CBD oil is not limited to human beings but also to other animals. Dogs and cats, which are common pet animals, are also beneficiaries of the use of CBD oil.

Further Studies on its Effectiveness

To advance the use of CDB oil, studies are conducted to see its effect on other animals like reptiles. Here are some facts about the effect of CBD oil to reptiles:

  • The endocannabinoid system is one of the complex systems of the human body and even the reptiles’ body. This system is interrelated to other functions like transmission of signals. Basically, CBD oil enhances this body system.
  • Just like humans, reptiles can also have the same benefit of stress and anxiety reduction as well as improvement of mental health once CBD comes in their body system. Reptiles also experience stress like us, and when left untreated, it can be a long-term problem.
  • Inflammation is a natural response of the human body, but sometimes, inflammation can go out of control. CBD oil can help in that way as it is proven to reduce inflammation. The same applies to reptiles.
  • Seizures can also be prevented by CBD oil. A seizure occurs when there is an irregularity in the electrical activities in the brain. CBD oil is known to be a very good counter for seizures or convulsions.
  • To give reptiles their CBD, it can be done like giving CBD to dogs and cats. Simply mix the CBD oil to their food or water. Just see to it that the dosage should be smaller for reptiles since they are smaller than cats and dogs. Moreover, this is so that reptiles can finish their food and get enough CBD dosage.
  • If your reptile seems to not like the CBD in its food or water, you may use other CBD products in the market like cream, lotion, or salve. This can still reach the body system once absorbed by the skin.
  • Very close monitoring is required if you are about to give CBD to your reptile. Other factors like body mass and metabolism might affect how CBD reacts with your pet. Small amounts are encouraged and be monitored for a week to see if there is an improvement. An average of 0.25mg of CBD per pound of bodyweight is also recommended.

The advancement of using CBD oil intends to aid people and animals. However, this should be done properly and moderately to avoid potential hazards.

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