Can Dogs and Lizards Coexist?

Dogs and Lizards Coexist

It is quite a rare case when you see dogs and reptiles are getting along with each other. Since some animals aren’t just comfortable or the other one poses a threat to the other when living under the same roof. Thus, if you’re a lizard enthusiast and a dog lover, you need to understand best protection dogs to make them co-exist or safe from one another.

Body Language and Signs to Watch For

Depending on their level of sensitivity and curiosity, dogs may show different kinds of body language when new animals are introduced to them, most especially those who will become part of the family. The most usual indications to look for when evaluating whether a pooch and lizard can exist on one home are snuffling and discreet licking, however, licking must be strongly inhibited.   If your dog gets enthusiastic with a lizard, it may prod the reptile using its paw or nose. If the lizard is confined, your dog may stare the cage or simply overlook it after having an ample sniff. However, it’s not advisable to allow your pup to get very near to the lizard when finding out these signs. Another body language to be cautious about is when your dog barks or whines as these may indicate that it’s still a long way to go before having a peaceful environment between your dog and the lizard.

In addition, your dog’s temper may play a vital deciding factor whether to keep or not in your house, specifically with dogs recognized for their threatening tendencies. It is completely impossible for your dog to be friendly towards a lizard if, in the first place, it can’t peacefully live in your home. Since when a dog continues a domineering approach in its habitat, that behavior can lead to a catastrophic incident. Therefore, it may be best to sneak your lizard in your home without your dog’s presence or attention and put it somewhere it cannot be noticed by your puppy.

The Science of their Relationship

The dog’s instinct and olfactory sense may be the determining factors whether if a man’s best friend can live with a lizard. Dogs are very delicate to new odors, and petting a reptile can surely present a lot of those. The capability to remember familiar aromas can be vital in your dog’s capacity to adapt to the existence of a lizard in your home.  Your pup’s instinct needs also to be pointed out, particularly since the dog’s propensity towards small creatures is to eat them and it can be very hard to change that. That is why many animal experts will not recommend keeping them both in the same space.


There is still no accurate explanation on how dogs think towards lizards or findings that shall validate if dogs will act differently because of the unusual smell the lizards’ produced. But basing with the dogs’ natural instincts, though both of them can be in your house, it’s very dangerous for the lizards and to the health of dogs. It’s best to separate them, and cautiously introduce them with each other if you really want them to get along in your home.

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