Water Requirement for Reptiles

Water Requirement for Reptiles

Water, without doubt, is a necessity for survival. Without it, any living thing would eventually fall weak and die. As mentioned in PetHandBook.com, reptiles are also dependent on water. About 2/3 of their body weight is composed of water which primarily aids in the normal function of their organs, cells, and other physical attributes like shedding.

Apart from a reptile’s internal and external functionality, providing them with an ample amount of water also positively affects their behavioral aspect. Reproduction, for instance, sees water as a vital requirement since mating and egg incubation are generally affected by the availability of water.

Given that reptiles are in need of water like other living creatures, you should know more about providing them water – steps that are quite different from giving water for pets.

Water for Reptiles

Unlike domesticated animals, providing water for reptiles varies from the reptile species. There are several attributes that you must put into consideration like their ideal climate, habit, size, and so on.

Doing research about different reptile species will most certainly guide you on what to do in terms of providing them water. This way, you won’t have to go through all the trouble wondering how to keep them hydrated.

Water Bowls for Reptiles

Provide them bowls without tips and poured with fresh water. Of course, they should be accessible to them for easy hydration. Water bowls, however, are not applicable to all reptiles all the time.

Some reptiles like tortoises prefer to be soaked in the water daily since their water bowl experiences foul smell almost quickly. In addition to the basic requirements of bowls, you should make sure to choose the right size for your reptile.

Stagnant water tends to attract algae, bacteria, and parasites. Therefore, cleaning the water bowl frequently is necessary to prevent the aforementioned from contaminating the bowl and causing the reptiles to acquire diseases.

Drip System for Reptiles

The drip system is an alternative water provider for reptiles. This system works wonderfully on some reptiles, especially arboreal lizards. Although there are ready-made drip systems you can find in pet stores, you can also make a do-it-yourself drip system if you want to save money.

In creating one, all you need is a sturdy plastic container like those gallon containers. Create a precise hole size at the bottom of the container, gentle enough for a drip of water to pass through. Afterward, place the container atop the cage with proper support for it not to tumble down.


Like any other creatures, reptiles also demand water due to its vital role in providing them with sufficient internal and external support for their system. Without water, their bodies, especially their organs and cells, become dysfunctional — an event that would weaken their body and eventually lead to their demise. Therefore, you should keep your reptile pets hydrated at all times.

Providing them with the right water container that’s within their reach must be thoroughly studied. As basic as some preparations may go, you must still do research as some reptiles prefer not having water bowls beside them.

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