Step-by-Step Guide on Building a Snake Fence

Building a Snake Fence

Some regions are prone to snakes which could be extremely dangerous. Therefore, it is upon you to take measures to keep snakes out of your home. Dog fences could help, but if it is raised, it can’t prevent a snake from slithering under it. Alternatively, buying a snake mesh could be expensive. So, how do you keep snakes at bay? The answer is by constructing a snake fence.

Before we discuss the procedure, let us consider what makes a good snake fence:

  • It should be impossible to climb; thus it should slope outward or be made of a sleek surface
  • The fence should surround your property
  • Should be solid and into the ground around the compound

Follow the following guide to constructing the fence:

Decide on the Type of Fence You Wish to Build

It is important to know which kind of snake fence you prefer for your home. Snake fences could come in the form of:

  • Catch net barriers which keep away snakes and other small animals such as rodents
  • Regular solid fences which could be made of vinyl or wood
  • Steel mesh fencing whose main character is that it’s installed at an angle
  • Construction fences, commonly known as temporary landscaping, could be made of plastic mesh or fabric. These and construction netting are the most common alternatives because they are less costly.

Constructing the Fence

Once you have an idea of the type of fence you will be constructing, it is time to get down to the building process. First, identify a perimeter where the fence will be covering. Determine the poles you like to use, and take spacing measurements to determine the intervals at which the poles will be.

Now, you can put up your mesh and hammer the nails to the mesh to bind it to the posts. Depending on the type of fence you wish to install, ensure that the fence digs into the ground by several inches.

If it is impossible to dig the fence beneath the ground, consider adding a mesh to the bottom of the fence. Remember that snakes move by crawling. Thus, they can easily pass through a tiny gap that’s mostly left at the bottom.

Alternative Construction Method

If the above method seems time-consuming, you could try this cheap and less demanding alternative. Dig a uniform ditch all around your property. Buy a mesh fence, preferably one made of steel. Make sure the mesh fence is sloping outward to ensure the snake falls outward when trying to climb. Though the fence doesn’t have to be too high, we recommend you install a relatively high one.


Note that some sellers could scam you by selling catch nets. Our concern with catch nets is that the thickness of a snake varies. Therefore, they are less effective in preventing small snakes from getting into the property. A snake mesh is standard in the spring when snakes are abundant. They are useful, though they could be quite costly. Depending on your budget, you will get a suitable fencing alternative from our options above.

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