Lizards: A Green Form of Pest Control?

Green Form of Pest Control

Lizards eat insects and are now being considered as a form of pest control like best ultrasonic pest repellerby some people. Meanwhile, there are others who still consider them to be only pests.

The Lizard Infestation

Lizards enter houses very easily. If you leave a window open during summer or spring, or if your windows don’t have screens, they are very likely to crawl into your house. Unlike mice who are unable to climb on vertical surfaces, lizards can climb on just about any surface.

Unfortunately, they don’t like to leave houses as easily as they come in. They thrive on the insects they find inside the house, and if you’re fortunate enough, they may go out in the fall when the weather is much cooler.

A lot of people don’t appreciate having lizards in their homes. In fact, there are many online queries on the best way to eradicate lizards from homes – the most environmentally friendly answer, by the way, is to get a cat since they hunt and eat lizards.

Other options are to do pest management in your home and eradicate all the insects. Without insect food, the lizard will go outside to hunt. Thirdly, the least recommended option is to poison the lizard.

Lizards as A Pest Control

Be that as it may, lizards are a green form of pest control. With them around, you don’t need to use any exterminators and other industrial means of pest management to rid your home of cockroaches and bugs. All you need to do is release them into your home and let nature do the rest.

There are issues that may sabotage the efficacy of this method, however, the main one being that lizards need moist conditions to thrive.

Most homes in the United States are unable to provide the level of humidity lizards need, thus they may get dehydrated and eventually die. Growing plants with soil that is moist and keeping open trays of water help increase the level of humidity in the air and keep them alive longer.

At the end of the week, in most homes (despite all efforts), they die or escape outside either due to insufficient moisture or lack of insects to feed on.

Although lizards are a fantastically green method of pest management, this method is only good for a short time. It’s not feasible as a permanent control for pests.

Furthermore, it is pointless to try out this method if you own a pet cat. No matter how big or fast the lizard is, or how slow your kitty may be, it will catch the lizard and eat it up.

Some people have pointed out that releasing non-native animals of any species, including lizards, is considered illegal in many of the states in the US. Therefore, it is advisable to research the laws of your state before you release a lizard into your home.


In summary, under the perfect conditions, it is possible to use lizards as a green pest control method in your home. However, it works for only a short period, and it is very pointless to try it if you own a pet cat.

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