3mm Permanent Reptile Fence for Reptile Exclusion

3mm Permanent Reptile Fence

When you want a barrier that can be used to contain, exclude or redirect reptiles from specific areas such as road crossing, farms or even construction sites, then you may want to build a reptile fence. Unlike dog fence or farm fences, reptile fences are made meticulously to keep out unwanted reptiles.

Reptile fencing can be called in various terms depending on which reptile you are trying to keep out. Adder fencing, snake fencing, lizard fencing, and slow worm fencing are some of the terms to mention.

There are a lot of companies that offer professional reptile fencing depending on the species, habitat, and type of fence you want to build.

Aside from hiring professionals, you can also build your own reptile fence. The most common and most widely used reptile used currently is 3mm permanent reptile fences.

Reptile fences

There are different types of reptile fences that you can choose from. Each type of fence has varying advantages and disadvantages depending on the species you are trying to isolate.

Temporary Exclusion Fence

Most temporary exclusion fence has been UV treated to last for up to two years. The 1,000 gauge barrier is made up of clear polyethylene. Mostly used for common lizards, sand lizards, slow worm and all snake species. They are called temporary fences since they only last for up to two years and you have to install another fence if you want to use this type of fence again.

1mm Semi-Permanent Reptile Fence

Unlike the temporary exclusion fences, these fences are semi-permanent and can be used as long as they are not destroyed or removed. The 1mm width of its solid panel is made up of recycled HDPE (regranulated) which makes it nature-friendly. Most fences are made to a height of 1,200mm tall and are stabilized to fight against degradation caused by UV radiation. The bottom baffle and 90-degree top curl are prescored on thickness of 100mm and 50mm, respectively.

3mm Permanent Reptile Fence

This is the same with the 1mm semi-permanent reptile fence which offers stability against UV degradation and is made mostly with recycled HDPE. This is the most commonly used reptile fence for the reason that, the 3mm solid panel is self-supporting and can be braced with the ground by using plastic lumber posts or timber.

3mm Permanent Reptile Fence used for Reptile Exclusion

Reptile exclusion is a term given when the reptile fences are used to exclude a specific species of reptile from a certain location. 3mm permanent reptile fences are excellent when it comes to reptile exclusion. These permanent fences can be placed at the perimeter of construction zones. If the area is huge, these fences are split into smaller counterparts through drift fencing.

Reptiles are highly attracted to refugia and are captured effectively by placing artificial refugia with proper habitat cover or basking areas. Ecologists will then remove and relocate the captured reptiles to their suitable habitats.

Unlike the temporary and the semi-permanent fences,  the 3mm permanent reptile fence is the most recommended fence to use among all types of reptile fences-especially when you decide for reptile exclusion. Capturing and relocating reptiles in your areas will be easier with the help of these fences.

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