Steps to Make a Tree Branch for Your Reptile

Tree Branch for Your Reptile

Do you fancy having a reptile as your pet? If you do, or if you already have one, you would know that it is like having a cat trees for large cats. You will learn how important it is for them to feel that they are still in the wild.

Reptiles are already considered domestic pets nowadays, most especially to exotic pet keepers.

However, they are not suitable to be kept inside a tank or in a box with fluffy pillows. Therefore, you want to give them their suitable habitat just like you would with giving your cats their own cat trees.

Such artificial habitats can actually be bought from the market – even online! However, if you want to DIY or have it on a thrift, then you can create one your own.

What Do You Need?

To start, you simply have to secure the following materials:

  • A small container
  • PVC Pipe (preferably 2”, length to your liking)
  • Landscaping burlap
  • Terrarium moss
  • Coconut husk
  • Infrared paint stripping heat lamp

If you’re unfamiliar with the aforementioned materials, then you don’t have to worry. You can simply fetch them at your nearest hardware store or even purchase them online! On average, the price needed for this project starts at $75.

In order to start making a tree branch for your reptile pet, simply follow these steps:

Make A Tree

Have your PVC pipe and heat lamp ready. Please be aware that this should be done outdoors since you should be cautious enough that a heat lamp could melt and damage wares and furniture.

Make twists and turns on your PVC pipe through the heat lamp. Give it pressure and heat it just enough to bend the sides.

Do not overdo it since it might melt the PVC pipe itself and you might end up with a hot mess.

Pro Tip: Have a tree branch image which you can use for inspiration.

Wrap It

Use a paintbrush and paint to cover all the sides of the pipe. You’d want to use a branch-like color – mahogany, most preferably. Wait until the paint gets quite frothy then cover the pipe with your burlap. Make sure you’ve covered everything as tight as possible and let it dry overnight or so.

The burlap will give the branch a good texture to give a good grip for your reptile pet. Also, it will serve as a base to the moss.

Make it Real

This is just like giving glitters to a project for a finishing touch.

Add more adhesives to the branch and pour your mosses in it based on your liking. You may keep the whole branch covered or just a portion of it. However, make sure to use only a thin layer of artificial moss since your reptile might eat it and it will end up being a mess.

Having a branch for your reptile could be both attractive and functional. This DIY tutorial may take days to finish on average, but the end product will always be worth it. After all, apart from adding a more aesthetic touch to your room, you’ll also improve your reptile pet’s quality of life!

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