How to Clean Reptile Cages

Clean Reptile Cages

If you’re into exotic pets, like reptiles for example, then you have to keep in mind. According to san diego house cleaning , it’s important to keep your pet cage clean at all times, but reptiles will need a bit more of a special care than your typical furries.

That said, here are a few tips to help you:

Clean the Cage if there’s a Too Much Moisture

As far as cleaning is concerned, there is not really a fixed schedule to stick to. It actually depends on your preference. As long as you notice that your pet is defecating, the water dish is getting dirty, or if there’s dirt inside the cage, then it should be done asap.

While it’s typical for a reptile’s cage to be a semi-musky smell, it should not be that much of a concern. However, if you see that there’s too much moisture, or maybe there are fissures growing in the cage, then you should clean it immediately.

Start with the Accessories

If you want to introduce your pet’s reptile’s, make sure they are thoroughly sterilized. For example, keep rocks clean by boiling them for 30 minutes. Sand, on the other hand, should be washed thoroughly to remove any dirt or debris. Even branches want to have a washing and a thorough heating for around 30 minutes.

Prepare the Right Cleaning Tools

Just like house cleaning, having a cleaning kit for your pet’s cage. Make sure you store them separately.

Scent, sponges, rubber gloves, where you can keep your skin clean, and paper towels to name a few.

The Cleaning Process

Your cleaning process should depend on the type of reptile pet you own. If you have a desert reptile, then you have a sand sifter to remove any dirt on the sand, given that’s the most common habitat for any sand-dwelling reptile.

Terrestrial or mesh screened cages. Tropical reptiles, on the other hand. To start cleaning, simply place a liner at the bottom of the cage, as this is where most of the dirt and feces settle. For a glass enclosure, the cleaning method is similar to a sand cage. Spot cleaning wants to be more than enough, but you have to completely clean the entire cage every now and then.

Lastly, for aquatic reptiles, it’s important to remove any excess food from the tank daily. Keep in mind that the whole of the tank will allow bacteria to grow and multiply, thus harming your aquatic pet’s health. It’s essential to invest in a quality tank.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the type of reptile pet you own, their shelter on a regular basis is definitely essential. Not only will it help you stay clean, it can help you nurture a happy and healthy reptile.

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