Can You Include Turtle in Aquaponics to Grow Plants?

Aquaponics to Grow Plants

For some people, the process of how to use aquaponics is a bit difficult. It is sometimes referred to as the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics. With the system of aquaculture, aquatic animals like snails, crayfish, prawns, and snails were raised in tanks kind of like those in an aquarium. This system is somehow combined with hydroponics which aims to cultivate plants in water. Now the next question is can turtles get involved in this system and how can they be included in aquaponics?

So with the process of aquaponics, the waste from the aquaculture is useful for the hydroponics.  The waste that they excrete is then converted into nitrite by a type of bacteria and then is converted into nitrate, this cycle is referred to as Nitrification. And unlike some reptiles, turtles have internal temperature which can adapt to the ambient environment. Because of this, the turtle’s blood become much warmer in hot environments and therefore are much more active in warm seasons.

So why use turtles?

They produce more waste compared to fishes; this will mean more waste products for the plants. More waste products, more fertilizer for your plants.

They are cold-blooded animals (ectotherms).

They can adapt to their environment, when it is cold season they become sluggish and active when it is the warm season. They would not be hard to take care of when the season changes.

They are easy to market especially small ones. It is not hard to find these precious ones in pet shops.

Some turtles are omnivorous. Whatever you feed them, they’ll eat it.

How much space can turtles acquire?

Turtles are growing creatures.. For two turtles, a 55 gallon tank may suffice. But if you want to do some DIY Tanks, google and youtube are there to help you out.

Now if your question is can turtles be included in the aquaponic then the answer is yes. The benefits are laid out for you although you have to be careful. Some turtles and fishes carry salmonella so you have to be careful with the whole process.

Although it is widely not recommended to eat the vegetables that grows from the aquaponics that were fertilized by turtles, no study had proven that these vegetables carry diseases like salmonella. The vegetables grown in this system can be fed to the turtles that are growing continuously.

The process on how to aquaponic is indeed difficult, and it would take a person not only experience but also enough extensive knowledge about the subject. But fear not, there are many people who have tried this process already. Ask for questions online or read and watch videos about this system to widen your knowledge further. Just remember to always observe safety not just to yourself but also to the aquatic animalsin your journey.

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