Website Themes For Animal Lovers

Website Themes For Animal Lovers

Is your blog dedicated to your furry friend? Do you own a pet store or an animal shelter? Well, if your website is in any way connected to animals, you’re probably searching for animal website themes.

The availability of website themes on the internet is sufficient enough, but it’s a little difficult to find a collection of themes for animal lovers. An animal website theme like the one used here is fit for any business that deals with pets such as pet shops, zoos, animal blogs, caretakers of pets and other types of animal websites. Aside from choosing a good web hosting company, it’s also important to consider how to reach out to your target readers, which are mostly animal lovers. By choosing a good website theme, you can take full advantage of showing the perks and benefits of your website. Here is a collection of pets and animals website themes:


This WordPress theme is perfect for pet sitting businesses. It includes a job directory with options for information on pet sitting, posting on jobs, and job search. Also, it consists of loads of important design basics, namely gallery, blog, and header designs. You can manage the fonts and colors for a personalized touch. You don’t have to worry because this theme is proven responsive to all gadgets nowadays.

Cat Responsive WordPress Theme

The best thing about this theme is its official WPML Certification, which means that it’s ready to translate any code-embedded text virtually. With this, your international viewers won’t be having a hard time understanding the content of your website. Because it is responsive, your website can adapt to any screen dimension used by any device. With its filterable portfolio, it is designed to organize and showcase your sales and work to capture the interest of prospective customers.

Wildlife Animal Rescue WordPress Theme

Because it is an SEO-friendly theme, it fits for the commonly used SEO plug-ins. This animal lover theme can make web developing steps easy and convenient by being a bootstrap theme where creating a mobile-ready site is fast and easy. You can widen the number of your customers by making your website internationally ready. The Wildlife Animal Rescue Theme includes a portfolio where you can neatly organize your creative works and designs to attract viewers.

Animal Planet WordPress Theme

A lot of people would love to share their love for pets on others and create a site that protects and care for our furry friends. A theme that is WPML friendly is all you need for your website to be built in several languages. It is a bootstrap theme, so it easily adapts to any resolution. You won’t be having a problem in organizing your artworks and creations because it is a theme with a portfolio in a tiles-form pattern. Plus, it’s also a responsive theme, so it’s suitable to be used by any electronic device. You will never go wrong with this theme.

There are not many WordPress animal themes, so this list is really helpful for you. Whichever theme you choose from the list, make sure that it suits the goals of your website.

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