Do Shelters Do Background Checks On Interested Adopters?

Shelters Do Background

A lot of pets end up in shelters as their previous owners give them up, reason being, they are no longer in a position to offer them the care and love they need. As such, shelters strive to place the pets in better homes, not in a place where they will be abused. It is not that easy as looking at a person does not necessarily show their real character. That is why best criminal background check with the longest history are carried out to ensure that a potential adopter will be able to care for the pet.

Why Background Checks?

Animals cannot speak out to air their grievances. This means that their owners are their voices as well. When a pet is placed in a cruel environment, there is no telling what fate will await them. Background checks consider concepts such as criminal records, employment status, residential verifications, driving records, drug test records, and credit reports to mention a few. These elements help the shelters have an idea of how the pet will be in the new home.

Consistent Research Findings

In her article titled “Children Who are Cruel to Animals: When to Worry,” Joni E. Johnston, a clinical/forensic psychologist and private investigator, reveals that there is a relationship between children’s future behavior and how they treat animals. As research shows in the 1970s, children who are reported to show cruelty to animals have a high likelihood of becoming violent and take on criminal behaviors. With such findings, therefore, it is crucial for the shelters to consider background checks to eliminate or reduce the dangers of putting the pets in unsuitable homes.

More Harm Than Good?

Despite the necessity of putting a pet in a friendly environment, certain background checks may restrain the process. With over seven million pets that end up in shelters, finding a suitable home for each is challenging enough without considering potential adopters’ background. Even so, some checks that render adopters unable to take a new furry friend home could mean that a pet was denied a suitable environment since not all negative checks suggest that the pet will not be cared for and loved.

It can be partly argued that strict background checks do more harm than good. As such, there is a need for establishing a common ground where the checks are significantly targeted at concerns that affect a pet’s situation.

Heart Of The Matter

What could we do without our furry friends in our homes? Well, as much as we love our pets, not everyone shares the same opinion. Some people want to own the animal to inflict pain and misery either for their own adventures or as a way of dealing with their frustrations. For instance, kids who are abused have higher chances of showing animal cruelty, meaning a background check on such families helps ensure that a pet does not end up in a dangerous environment.

Pets are amazing. However, they need care and love to show as much love to their owners as they can. Take care of your pet and give him or her the love that it deserves.

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