Top Reptile Blogs with Guest Blog Posts

Top Reptile Blogs

Hobbyists crazy about reptiles are not entirely a rare breed. The brighter the spotlight is on herpetoculture nowadays, the more people are taking an interest in the wild. The usual starter reptiles are turtles, snakes, and big lizards, but there are other types that are more suitable for people with experience. Some of these blogs allow guest posting and big guest Posting has the largest library of these websites.

Of course, not everyone is fit to rear a reptile for a companion. They require more special attention than a normal pet would, from care to diet to special permits. After all, they are naturally built for the wild, so creating a habitat that is conducive in maintaining their health and safety is very important.

As a reptilian lover, you may want to write about these fascinating creatures either on your own blog or through guest posting on websites. On your own platform, you can talk about your beloved hobby all you want, but if you want more exposure as an expert in this niche, there are actually quite a number of reptile blogs that accept guest blog posts. Here’s a rundown of the top blogs that can take in your fresh perspectives for the reptilian-loving community.

Reptiles Magazine

This website contains stories of reptiles and amphibians that are cared for in captivity. It shares about all aspects of the lifestyle with exotic pets, so a writer wishing to submit articles on topics like breeding, feeding, grooming, and incorporating these pets into your life is fit for this site. Reptiles Magazine is a popular resource website, so they only take guest posts after a thorough screening process. The acceptance of your article on this blog will boost the credentials of your own website tremendously.

European Amphibian and Reptile Blog

The conservation of the species in the European front is one of the main goals of the European Amphibian and Reptile Blog. It is very informative and talks about a wide variety of wildlife. In fact, it is considered a top resource for all things about reptiles.

The Wandering Herpetologist

Land on one of this blog’s posts and you will instantly be hooked. The Wandering Herpetologist writes so engagingly that readers keep wanting to learn more. This is all good for it is a step towards increasing the awareness of conservation. If your writing is just as engaging, try hooking up with the team for a guest post on this blog.

That Reptile Blog

This blog is a celebrity in the niche and one of the top herpetology sites on the web. For one, it encourages everyone interested in the hobby to keep asking questions, keep probing and keep learning. Anyone with a question is welcome to raise it.

Animals are gifts to the earth. Most have a purpose in the grand scheme of nature, which is why humans have taken an interest in them. For those who have gone beyond caring for domesticated creatures, taking on reptiles as pets helps share facts about them to other people. Creating more awareness lets people understand that reptiles, as well as all animals in general, have a place here, too, and that ensures their protection and survival. If you can share your knowledge about reptiles through guest posting on websites, go for it! Who knows, you might encourage a new hobbyist.

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