Does Having A Pet Bring You More Success in Online Dating?

Success in Online Dating

Pets play a vital role in our lives. One such role that you may not readily recognize is how they affect your dating life. While walking down the street with your furry friend, chances of picking a date from kik usernames are high as a 2018 experiment reveals. The same concept applies while engaging in online dating through social media. So as you create your online dating profile, keep in mind that your pet may come in handy.

How Having A Pet Brings Success To Your Online Dating

Online dating site,, in association with pet store chain, PetSmart, carried out a research to determine how pets affect online dating. A sample size of 1210 individuals consisting of 60% women and 40% men formed the basis of the survey where the participants answered 21 questions on how pets featured in their dating lives.

Interesting Survey Findings

  • 64% Of Women and 49% Of Men Took a Liking to People Who Owned a Rescue Animal

It is all about care; if you care enough to rescue an animal from a shelter, then you are more likely to be a caring partner.

  • 76% Of Women and 60% Of Men Evaluated Dates Based On Pets Liking

This is one of the most exciting findings that show how pets affect your dating life. As the survey shows, 76% of women and 60% of men are more likely to go on another date with you if their pets like you. That means that if their pets did not take a liking to you, your dating road ends there.

Drawings From The Study


It is true that you can tell how responsible a person is by how their pets look. A malnourished, dirty, and sickly pet suggests that the owner is likely to be irresponsible. Dating such a person will only bring chaos in your life, and the success rate of finding a date is quite low.

Love and Care

If someone can take time from their busy and tight schedules to feed and care for their pets, the likelihood of that someone being a loving and caring partner is high. As such, taking good photos with your well-groomed pet as part of your online dating profile is a plus in enhancing your success rate of landing a date.

Pet’s Judgment

Animals are quite right in judging people, and that is why if a pet does not like you, their owners are less likely to go on a date with you. For example, your pet, say a dog, is always friendly and plays with everyone. However, your date comes in, and it is all grumpy and keeps barking. This may indicate that the person you’re dating is not relatable. With that in mind, you will not be comfortable around them.

With the statistics and the drawings from the study, it is clear that owning a pet brings you more success in online dating. Do not let love pass you by; use your furry friend to enhance your online dating through social media.

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