How to Design a Jungle Theme for Your Kid’s Bedroom


The environment of your children’s bedrooms plays a vital role in their overall well-being. If you want to raise children whose minds have full of ideas, a white-painted bedroom with messy posters on the walls will not help at all. You need quality matters like in the first place and too look for more suggestions, keep reading.

What then should you do?

You transform their boring bedrooms.

If you are looking for ideas how, this article will show you. More importantly, it will teach you how to achieve a jungle theme for your children’s bedrooms.

Why a Jungle Theme?

You might be asking, “Of all the themes in the world, why the jungle one?” Well, here’s your answer. It is believed that green, a dominant color in every jungle, has a calming effect. It relieves stress and fosters creativity.  Every parent wants these benefits for their children. You should, too.

Without further ado, let’s find out how to design a jungle theme.


The most important element in a jungle theme bedroom is the backdrop. It will set the overall atmosphere. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Basically, you first need to paint the walls with the darkest shade of green that your children love. This will serve as the base color.

Step 2: Using a colored chalk, mark three horizon points on either side.

Step 3: Carefully cut two pieces of a lining paper. Make sure they reach the length of the wall. Then, horizontally tear them into two.

Step 4: Using a masking tape, line up the torn edge with the torn horizon mark. Imagine the torn edge as the first jungle horizon in the distance.

Step 5: With your small paint roller, paint the torn edges with the darkest green color and allow it to dry.

Step 6:  Create a new horizon using a new piece of torn paper. Cut it with a different edge shape. Paint it with a mid-tone color. Repeat this process until you reach the closer jungle horizon with the lightest color.

The key takeaway in achieving the jungle horizon is to go from the darkest color to the lightest.

In addition, you can add stickers of elephants, parrots, monkeys, or your favorite jungle animals on the wall. This will complete the look.


The color and style of the ceiling should match the backdrop. Normally, when you look up from a jungle, you see an open sky (unless you are in a cave). You may paint the ceiling sky blue and add white clouds.

Finishing Touches

Don’t forget to include a duvet cover set, claw slippers, bamboo mattresses, and leaf canopy as finishing touches.

And that’s it.

You have made a jungle theme bedroom.

Remember that a room is not just a room for children. While rooms are primarily for a safe space, they should also a place for personal growth. There is a beautiful world inside children’s imaginations– in fact, wider and more vivid than of adults.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to help them unlock this never-ending creativity. You have to stimulate their minds with colors, textures, and images that will allow them to explore their own personalities.

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