How to Be an Animal Writer

Pet writing involves writing about different aspects of different pets. Pet writing is a good choice of career for those who are passionate about animals and would want to help others understand their pets better. Besides, it is a job that has great markets since there are numerous magazines that focus specifically on pets and animals. I personally worked with some writers on who are pet lovers and write especially on pets.

However, in order to become a pet writer, you need to be creative and familiarize yourself with the tips that will make your writing unique. Below are some guidelines on how to be an animal writer.

Know what to write about

The first tip is to decide which topic you want to focus on. It is also at this stage that you choose an animal that you are most passionate about. There are numerous topics that you can choose to write including nutrition, health issues, general care, behavior, breed profiles, training, and many more. It is easier to make the publication when you know what you are writing about.


Once you have an idea of the topic to focus on, the next step is to research extensively. Competent freelance writers need to have strong research skills in order to ensure that they provide precise, truthful, and up-to-date information to the readers. Both readers and editors expect accurate and well-researched information from authoritative sources. Make use of online sites, blogs, magazines as well as books to get as much information about the animal as possible.

Write a Sample

Chances of getting work as an animal writer are generally high when you have a sample from previously published work or also known as “clips.” Writing a sample will help you improve on your writing skills and give you high chances of securing a job with online publications.

Make a list of Publications

There are numerous online publications that you work for. This includes animal magazines, blogs, newspaper, newsletter, websites, and professional journals. Established writers can get staff writing, editors, and creative directors’ jobs at publications. Some of the well-known publications include Breed association newsletter, Cat Fancy, Dog Fancy, Dog World, Bird Talk, and many more.

Animal writers can also work in full or part-time for animal industry groups like for zoos, trade associations, aquariums, and breed associations.

Follow the Guidelines

Before you submit your work to any online publications, make sure that you have followed the writer’s guidelines to the letter. These guidelines may vary from one publication to another. This includes the word count and content guidelines. Also, it is important for writers to know how to proofread their article in order to avoid grammatical and spelling errors.

Education and Training

While no education and training is required in order to be a pet writer, most of the writers have experience in the industry and some have degrees in journalism, writing, and animal fields. Education and experience come in handy in helping writers submit polished and exceptional work.

If you are just starting out, you can participate in various professional animal writing groups where you can network with other writers and learn how to improve your skills. Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) and Cat Writers Association Inc (CWA) are just some of the prominent animal writing groups.


As a pet writer, it is vital to familiarize yourself with the range of salaries that you are likely to get for your work. The salary may vary depending on the type of publication,  length of the article, as well as the number of articles published in a year.

According to the Bureau Labor of Statistics, the salary for authors and writers in May 2010 was less than $28, 610 for below 10%, $109,440 for above 10% and between $38, 150 & $75,060 for the middle 50%. The medium was $55,420.


If you are a lover of animals, it is not hard to get started as a pet writer. You just need to choose the right topic, improve on your essay writing and proofreading skills, and always research to get fresh content. With time, you will become an established animal writer and earn from your works.

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