The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Animal-Free Vegan Clothing

The fashion industry is taking a new twist by coming up with new and exciting items that win the hearts of many. Unfortunately, most of these fashionable products are made with animal skin and hair. This, therefore, means that these animals have to go through untimely killing and long-suffering in order for fashion brands to sell their products.

Luckily, there are vegan, cruelty-free, animal-free fashion brands that are producing custom t shirts without having to harm animals. This way, you can look and feel good with ethical, animal-free products. If you have made the decision to go vegan, here is a guide on how to shop for animal-free clothing.

Leather and Exotic Skins

Most leather products come from skin of animals like cows, goats, pigs, ostriches, kangaroos, dogs and cats. Exotic skins are from reptiles like snakes, crocodiles and alligators. The leather material is used to make things like handbags, jackets and shoes. It should, however, be avoided as it risks the lives of these innocent animals.

Additionally, there is a great concern for the environment because it pollutes the environment with toxins during the tanning process.

Materials and Brands to Look Out for Instead:

Luckily, there are numerous brands that offer animal-free leather, also known as vegan leather. This type of leather is made from materials such as non-animal microfibers, polyurethane (PU), recycled nylon and plants.

For vegan leather, look out for brands such as Zara, Top Shop and Angela Roi.


Fur is an animal coat that is still attached to its skin. Fur can be made from cats, bears, rabbits, foxes, minks, dogs, beavers, chinchillas and many more. In order to get fur to make a fashionable jacket, these animals are trapped, tortured, suffocated and even gassed. No animal should go through such cruelty in order to use their fur to keep warm and look good.

Materials and Brands to Look Out for Instead:

Instead of fur, look for clothing that is made from synthetic or man-made materials. Also, consider brands like Inditex, Gucci, H&M and Michael Kors which are completely fur-free.

Wool, Cashmere, Angora, Shearling

Wool is hair from sheep or lamb, cashmere is hair from Cashmere goat, Angora is rabbit wool and shearling is lamb skin with fleece still attached. These animals are killed in the cruelest ways and endure suffering in order for their products to be used in the fashion industry.

Shearing off wool from sheep is inhuman since they need the wool for protection against extreme weather conditions. Not to mention, wool can be damaging to the environment.

Materials and Brands to Look Out for Instead:

Rather than these materials, look for clothing made from cotton, twill or recycled polyester (rPET). These alternatives are better for the environment, and they dry away faster. Brands that sell wool-free and vegan shearling include H&M, Zara, and Nasty Gal.

Silk and Feathers

Most clothes are made from silk which is used by silkworms to make their shelter. In order to get the silk, the worms are boiled alive inside their cocoon which is a painful experience. Besides, silk is harmful to the environment and comes second after leather.

Other clothes have layers of feathers from birds, ducks, and geese. The feathers play a major role in protecting the birds from extreme temperatures and enable them to fly.

Materials and Brands to Look Out for Instead:

Look for clothing made from animal-free materials like silk-cotton tree, nylon, milkweed-pod fibers, polyester and ceiba tree filaments. Nasty Gal, Gap Inc., Express and Urban Outfitters are just some of the brands that sell animal-free silky items.

An important tip when shopping for cruelty-free clothes and custom t-shirts is to always check the label to see what the item is made from. Avoid items that are made from wool, leather, shearling, down feathers, silk, fur, cashmere, rabbit hair, angora and many more. Instead, look for cruelty-free fabrics like cotton, polyester, synthetic shearling, animal-free leather, cotton flannel and silky items not made from animals.

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