How to Take Videos of Reptiles and other Animals in the Wild

Watching videos of reptiles in their wild environment is so amazing and would surely captivate your heart, especially if you really love wildlife. However, Getting close views of those rare and wild animals would be very risky and somewhat scary, most especially to those who are just beginners in the field of wildlife videography.

While those pictures are undoubtedly enchanting and are perfect as souvenirs, it would be better if the full action of those wild animals in their own habitat will be captured by your very own camera and can be played on the screen.

Thus, for your guidance on how to become a videographer like a professional one, read on some of the tips below which may help you to get better views of reptiles and other animals in the wild:

Plan Your Trip and Form a Team

You need to determine first what idea or story you would like to play for the viewers of your video. After that, form a group of your trusted friends who have the same interests about jungle life. You may also want to make a research study about the best places where you can capture the subject matter that you would like to tackle. Also, ensure that all the gadgets, gears, food, and drinks that you will be needing for the trip are well-prepared.

Find the Best Position and Capture the Best Scenes

Upon reaching the area where your video will be taken, find the best place where you can acquire the most captivating scenes that you need for your story. Ensure that your camera will be able to focus on the behaviors of the animals which are much more interesting as well as the way they respond to the strangers in their habitat.

Manually Focus Your Camera

You should not set your camera to auto-focus because there are times when unnecessary scenes will also be captured. Anyway, if this happens, you can also edit your videos. When taking videos in the wild, you should also have to be a lot patient since you can’t tell the animals what they should do in front of your camera. You have to wait for hours just to be able to catch the best shots for your video story.

You May Take Filler Shots

Since you are making a video about wild animals, you might as well get filler shots of their habitat – the place where they live, the food that they love to eat, or any interesting yet related topic to enhance your viewers’ interest to watch your video.

Ensure a Good Sound Quality

Always ensure the sound quality of your video: the whistles of the wind, the roaring sound of the animals, the hissing of snakes, etc. Whatever the sound that should be heard on your film should be clearly recorded and played along with the most captivating scenes that you have taken. Using wireless noise cancelling head phones can help you check and ensure that you are capturing the best soundtrack that you need for the video that you are creating.

Following these tips can help you ensure that you will be able to produce a great wildlife story in your first ever wildlife video. That aside, you’ll also have a great bonding experience doing this project with the company of your friends.

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