Keeping Your Reptile Pet Clean

Having pets at home can be really fun and enjoyable. However, taking care of your pet can also be challenging since you have to deal with all the mess and dirt that comes with it. Especially if you have a reptile pet, cleaning its environment is really tricky. However, these natural occurrences can’t clean your reptile pet, even if you have a carpet cleaner for pets and it is your job as the pet owner to keep them clean and clean up their mess. This is because reptiles shed their skin, defecate, dig a lot, and disrupt their substrate. In the wild, the nature cleanses their environment through rain showers, air circulation, changing of seasons, and other natural life cycles.

Pet owners should clean up their pets’ nasty works because if they would not do so, they will face the risk of unpleasant consequences such as:

  • Illness, discomfort, or death of the reptile pet
  • Change in pet’s behavior like becoming really aggressive
  • Spread of bacteria that will not only be harmful to the pet but also to humans
  • Strong and very unpleasant odors
  • Poor visibility because of dirty cage or tank and less enjoyment

Aside from cleaning your pet often or keeping them clean, you should also consider their health. The following are the list of things that you should look into when assessing your reptile’s health:

  • Is it eating and drinking well?
  • Do you bath it regularly?
  • Is there evidence of mouth rot?
  • Does its skin look healthy?
  • Is it rubbing and scratching excessively?
  • Are the eyes clear or free of crust?
  • Does the tail look healthy or is it damaged?

Most of the poor health conditions of your reptile are a result of either parasitic disease or poor nutrition. The house of your pet must be kept clean because the dirty environment can cause bacterial and skin infections to your pet. Disinfecting and cleaning regularly can also prevent the spreading of bacteria like Salmonella which is also harmful to humans.

The following are the things that you should do in keeping your reptile pet’s cage clean:

  • Clean the water holder and replace the drinking water every day.
  • Bath your pet regularly.
  • Always remove the food leftovers.
  • Clean the functional accessories and decorative accessories daily.
  • Always do a quick cleaning of poop and other little messes.
  • Always disinfect for a thorough clean.

Not only is it important to keep your pet’s cage clean, but it’s also crucial to keep your pet’s house safe. These are the things that you need to check as you keep your pet’s housing safe:

  • Check for any cracked wires or any evidence that your reptile might have eaten something.
  • Check if the lights are working properly and replace the bulb regularly.
  • Check if the heating works properly.

In general, like any other pets, reptiles also require clean habitats for overall good health. The fecal matter and urine of reptiles can be really harmful to them and to humans if not cleaned immediately. Your pets making mess especially on the carpet is a breeding ground for bacteria and other health hazards because the carpets absorb the urine and fecal matter of your reptile. Therefore, it is a must to clean and disinfect their cages daily.

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